Creating a dating site

There are number of reasons why a dating site would need the functionality of PHP. A lot of websites are built strictly using CMS systems now but they are very limited in what they can do. Let’s talk about a few of the reasons to use a PHP developer to make it more marketable, and to also make the site more user friendly and functional since these are the main issues with dating website platforms.

When thinking about marketing a monetized website a lot of people think about running ads but this isn’t the only way, or usually not even the best way. The best way to market a site is usually either through affiliates or search engine optimization. If you take for example a site that is doing well within CupidMedia, the main reason for their success is affiliate programs. They only have to pay a small fee for every paying customers. Someone with a VietnamCupid dating site can drive traffic to the site in exchange for a commission. This will really increase sales because everyone wins and you develop a big team that’s helping you market your site.

Another great option for marketing your site is search engine optimization. What we mean by this is to get your dating site to show up at the top of Google. This can be tricky and we won’t pretend to know the ins and outs of it. However, we do know that speed and easy to read code is a large factor in where the site shows up in the search rankings.

So where does PHP come in to the equation? PHP will make your life much simpler with each of these tasks. Your databases need to be fast and reliable if you’re running an affiliate program. It will keep everything organized and fast based and much easier to call sections of code to determine which affiliate should get credit for a sale. If you’re not developing this is PHP you can run into a lot of different problems which could cause people to not work with you. If these guys end up not working with you then your entire dating site could tank.

The second part of the reason for PHP is speed and efficiency. By running your site in this dream language you can convince search engines that you’re the most important site to be displayed for terms related to your dating site. This will lead to a HUGE increase in traffic to your site and in turn, more money for you. PHP allows for speed and efficiency with coding and shows search engines that you’re serious about your task. If it’s coded in Javascript then a lot of the action will be server side and slow down you site, including your band-width. Instead, you should have this coded in PHP or do it yourself by learning from our site. PHP will actually reduce load speed if it’s done correctly and lower your band-width because it can do it independently of the server.

The last part of this that’s important is storing members’ login credentials, collecting payment, and displaying lots of pictures efficiently. Try to do this is JavaScript and your head will be spinning and that goes without mentioning the load speed. Sure there’s good reason to use Java to call actions but that’s all it should be used for if you want the efficiency and power you need to handle a large dating site.

If there are any questions that go into depth on this subject then shoot us over a message. Be sure to remember that this is for beginners so we’re just explaining things in laymen terms for you to get a better grasp on how and why PHP is the best language for certain tasks.