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There are some plants that people use not only for cooking but also for other health benefits. One of the many is turmeric. Turmeric is known to be the “Queen” of all the spices. It gives life to the taste of many dishes especially those originating from India.

If you are interested in eating curry, then you must also be interested in the health benefits that turmeric brings. If you live in Germany you can read an indepth article about curcumin here: http://www.kurkumahq.de/kurkumin-wirkung-anwendung/

The first benefit that it has is it helps in healing wounds. According to studies, turmeric is an effective disinfectant, especially for wounds. Moreover, it is known to be a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent. So, if you have a wound, you do not need to go for the commercialized antibacterial and disinfectants sold in the market. As long as you have turmeric, you can save money and you can be free of infection. Just spread the turmeric powder directly on your cuts or burns and soon you will feel that the inflammation process has started and soon your wounds will be healed.

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Another important benefit of turmeric is the fact that it helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood. When there is too much intake of fatty foods, fast and junk food, and too many sweets, the excess sugar or starch is converted into fat. Excess fat is then deposited in the arteries and the cholesterol level in the blood increases. If this is the case, there is a high risk of cardiovascular diseases which can soon lead to death. By simply adding turmeric in your daily intake of food, you will be surprised by the results that cholesterol levels in the blood are low.

Moreover, turmeric also helps in controlling diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease so many people have. With the use of turmeric, it will help in moderating the insulin levels in the blood. Moreover, it will also help those people using diabetes medications to increase their effects.
Lastly, studies have shown that turmeric helps in preventing cancer. Cancer is a disease that has no known cure up until this moment. This disease spreads really fast. A lot of people are battling with cancer but since there is no known cure, then probably many have lost their battles. By having turmeric in meals, it will help in killing off cancer cells.

Moreover, it will also help in preventing its growth and spread. Basically, the person will soon be cancer free for life.

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In summary, people should try to check out herbs and other medicinal plants that are not only good for cooking but also have a lot of health benefits. One of the most effective spices is turmeric because it is known to heal wounds, lower down blood cholesterol levels, prevent cancer, and it helps in moderating lifestyle diabetes. Turmeric is indeed the “Queen” because it can be used for different purposes such as healing and as an agent to make people enjoy good food.